Nov 1, 2009

2 Week Check up and Wash

Oct 8, 2009
Today, my consultant showed me how to wash my hair. She even rolled it up on rods for me. It turned out pretty cute. She said I had no slippage, so that was great news. I admit, I didn't do much to it over the last 2 wks. So, I didn't expect any slippage. However, I did notice my scalp was a little dry prior to the washing. She told me to drink more water, but don't put anything other than water on my locks. Because of my hair texture, I would have slippage if I used anything else right now. I also found out that my locking pattern is a 4 and 4 reverse. From my understanding the 4 reverse is supposed to help stop slippage. Still loving my locs. I love being able to spritz them with water , finger comb and go. Wonderful!

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