Nov 1, 2009

1st Retightening

Oct 22, 2009
Well, my first retightening went well; my hair grew more than I expected. My consultant said we can stay with retightening at 5 wk intervals since I had no slippage. Overall it took her approx 2 1/2 hrs to retighten all 487+ of my sisterlocks. She also washed my hair again for me. I really appreciated that because I wasn't looking forward to doing it. I was too afraid that I'd screw it up and have slippage all over that place. I did a braid out about 1 1/2 wks prior to getting the retightening and didn't take a picture. It was really cute, I'll do it again and post a pic of it next time. Overall, I'm really happy with my hair. I've had some family members that weren't too happy about my decision. But my husband is very supportive and understands my reasons. So that is all that matters. I've gotten some that asked why because they are used to seeing me with the usual long wrapped style. They don't fully understand what I went through to get that look and it was time consuming and costly. I think my sisterlocks look GREAT!! My new motto..... "Spritz, fluff and GO"!

2 Week Check up and Wash

Oct 8, 2009
Today, my consultant showed me how to wash my hair. She even rolled it up on rods for me. It turned out pretty cute. She said I had no slippage, so that was great news. I admit, I didn't do much to it over the last 2 wks. So, I didn't expect any slippage. However, I did notice my scalp was a little dry prior to the washing. She told me to drink more water, but don't put anything other than water on my locks. Because of my hair texture, I would have slippage if I used anything else right now. I also found out that my locking pattern is a 4 and 4 reverse. From my understanding the 4 reverse is supposed to help stop slippage. Still loving my locs. I love being able to spritz them with water , finger comb and go. Wonderful!

Oct 31, 2009

Finally Sisterlocked!

Sept 28, 2009

After 17 hours (excluding breaks) over 2 days ; I am finally sisterlocked! I have 487+ sisterlocks, approx 4 to 5 inches long. I love the curly q's on the ends. I'm due back in 2 weeks for a wash and check. I'm tired, but I am soo excited! So far so good!

Oct 27, 2009

The Big Chop and Test Locs

Sept 2009
I finally did the Big Chop and the end result (in 1st pic above) was an uneven 4 to 5 inch fro. I talked to a lot of Sisterlocks consultants and had a few consultation's before deciding to go with Karen. She has been dealing with natural hair long before becoming a Sisterlock consultant. I found her very informative and patient with all of the questions that I had. Karen has Sisterlocks herself and they were very nice. She wears hers in a short funky style. Very cute and stylish on her. Well my test locks held up pretty good. I thought they were quite cute. I won't deny that I was a little nervous about how they would look all over my head. But I had done my research so I knew what to expect.

Transition from perm to natural hair

Nov 2008 my mom had gotten really sick and I was going about out of my mind. Through the course of dealing with the possiblity of losing her, I had become truly tired of dealing with everything. My hair started falling out and I started gaining alot of weight. That's when I decided something had to change. I was due for a perm retouch and decided against it. I began getting my hair twisted on a consistent basis. In between taking the twists down and getting them put back in I began cutting inches of my permed ends off. It was then I remembered one of my friends had gotten her hair sisterlocked. Since I hadn't seen her in a year I wondered how they turned out. After seeing a picture of her locks, I knew this was the move for me. Her gorgeous locks were small and styleable. Thus began my research into sisterlocks. Here is a pic of my hair in nubian twists during my cut and re-twist phase.