Oct 27, 2009

Transition from perm to natural hair

Nov 2008 my mom had gotten really sick and I was going about out of my mind. Through the course of dealing with the possiblity of losing her, I had become truly tired of dealing with everything. My hair started falling out and I started gaining alot of weight. That's when I decided something had to change. I was due for a perm retouch and decided against it. I began getting my hair twisted on a consistent basis. In between taking the twists down and getting them put back in I began cutting inches of my permed ends off. It was then I remembered one of my friends had gotten her hair sisterlocked. Since I hadn't seen her in a year I wondered how they turned out. After seeing a picture of her locks, I knew this was the move for me. Her gorgeous locks were small and styleable. Thus began my research into sisterlocks. Here is a pic of my hair in nubian twists during my cut and re-twist phase.

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